From little seedlings

An unique outdoor learning experience for primary school children and young people’s groups at the Hirsel, Coldstream.

Come on a FREE visit and have your youngsters explore where their food comes from, discover how it is grown and be inspired to cook and eat healthily while enjoying being in an outdoor environment.

As well as our regular Food and Farming days which include a cooking activity, we offer In the Wild Days where both sessions are outdoors.

Field to fork in a day

A typical visit involves:

  • arriving around 10am and staying for 4 – 4½ hours
  • a power-point presentation introducing the Hirsel and your visit, including H & S briefing
  • an outdoor session looking at the crops grown on the Hirsel Estate and what foods they make
  • a walk to see what’s of interest around the estate in that season
  • a cooking activity making for example pizzas, scones, muffins or oatcakes
  • considering where the ingredients come from and their place in a healthy balanced diet
  • having a picnic packed lunch, outside if the weather allows
  • taking home their cooking to share at home!

We can accommodate a maximum of 40 children per visit and have disabled facilities

Freshly picked news

Through the seasons we will be watching our crops grow, getting lost in the maize, seeing new life burst forth and hunting for mini-beasts and seeds in the woods of the Estate. Share these experiences with your children here!
'Helping it Happen' Education Award Winners

We are thrilled (as you can see!) to have been announced winners of the Scottish Land and Estates 2018 'Helping it Happen' education award at a ceremony held at the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh recently. We have always been very proud of what we offer at Field to Fork but it is fantastic to have the huge commitment of the Estate, who fund this project, acknowledged at a National level. We are grateful to schools for their support and hope we can continue to develop to what we do in order to connect more children to what goes on in the countryside and where their food comes from.  

Bugs and Beasties

P2 from Coldstream visited recently to explore the world of mini-beasts that was their class topic this term. Out in the woods we created our own bugs and beasties from playdoh adding features from what we could find lying around - more pictures in the gallery, and later we made bugs from fruit, which we enjoyed eating, appreciating that without the pollinators we wouldn't have any.

Border Links group return in winter

Our friends from Border Links braved the January cold to explore the Hirsel in winter and make some hearty, warming winter Kale Soup and Soda Bread. As it was the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch weekend we prepared some hanging bird puddings and spotted birds as we walked.

Edenside visit to explore Food and Food Energy

Primary 7 from Edenside made Stuffed Baked Potatoes as they explored getting the balance right between the energy we consume from food and the energy our bodies use. Outdoors they looked at the crops we grow for energy - as carbohydrates and as fuel, and thought about the energy required to grow them. 

Dinosaurs at the Hirsel?

Years 1 and 2 from Spittal First School investigated what is under our feet seaching the soil for living, once living and non living things on their visit as part of their topic 'Do dinosaurs make good pets?' They also made giant art and bread dinosaurs.

Exploring autumn through our senses

Exploring autumn through our senses was the theme for a visit from Border Links recently. After making up colour cards of the autumn colours we found and tantalised our noses with autumn perfumes or potions, we foraged for textures, shapes and colours which we used to make autumn wreaths - more photos in the gallery. In the afternoon we baked apple scones for a taste of autumn.

Autumnal Wild Art

Year 3 and 4 pupils from Spittal First School took their inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy for some imaginative pieces of natural art work. They foraged for interesting twigs, autumnal leaves, acorns, beech mast, seed heads, mosses and lichens then worked in groups to create their sculpture. More examples can be viewed in the gallery.

Grab a fork & join in

Our Food and Farming days can cover any aspect of food and farming you would like – we are happy to tailor visits to meet your curriculum needs and can fit well with your Health Week or Eco Schools campaign. Alongside these we offer In the Wild Days. These days might focus on Woodland Habitats, Red Squirrels conservation, Food Chains, Mini-beasts or Using our Senses Outdoors for example. On these visits both sessions will most likely be outdoors ie there is no cooking activity.

Further examples of themes we can cover are:
Healthy Eating, Being Healthy and Active, Where our food comes from, Food journeys, Food from Scotland, Growing your own, Seasonal Eating, Food and the Environment (Food miles/Food waste/Composting/ Recycling), Fairtrade, Food and Farming in the World War 1 or 2, Farming in the Past, Farming and the environment, Plants, Lifecycles, Mapping at the Hirsel, Wild Art, The John Muir Award, Outdoor Games

Sow the seed & get in touch

To enquire or book a visit please contact:

Mobile: 07802 788744